Vakhtangov in HD: EUGENE ONEGIN |

Vakhtangov in HD: EUGENE ONEGIN

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Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 1:00pm
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8136 Delta Shores Cir S, Sacramento, CA 95832

A special cinema presentation of Rimas Tuminas' award winning production of Pushkin's classic novel and verse, featuring the great Sergey Makovetskiy. Captured on film before a live audience from Moscow's legendary Vakhtangov Theatre. Presented in Russian w/ English subtitles.

Referred to by the New York Times as “…exuberant and arrestingly beautiful”, and by the London Telegraph theatre critic as “…one of the most extraordinary nights at the theatre I have ever known”, Rimas Tuminas’ miraculous Eugene Onegin is, at long last available to a world-wide audience. 

The play unfolds in the memory and imagination of Pushkin’s characters. The images are split between past and present, between reality and imagination.The scale of the production constantly shifts from noisy celebrations to secluded contemplation, from crowd scenes to lonely recollections, all of which are drawn together from the past just like the fragments of Tatyana’s love letter, framed and hung on the wall, looming next to and above Onegin’s arm-chair. 

Filmed before a live audience from Moscow's venerable Vakhtangov Theatre.


Vakhtangov Theatre

The Vakhtangov Theatre has conquered the hearts of millions of people in Russia, Paris, London, Vienna, Venice, Athens, Stockholm, Prague, Warsaw, Berlin, Budapest, Madrid, and many other foreign cities.

The Vakhtangov Theater is almost 100 years old. The Theatre’s secret lies in the spirit of its young actors and stage-directors (both well-established and new-comers), its ambition to deal with complex moral issues, and its desire to awaken warm human feelings in the audience.