CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Red Torch Theatre in HD - La Jolla |

CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Red Torch Theatre in HD - La Jolla

CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Red Torch Theatre in HD
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Sunday, January 19, 2020 - 6:30pm
Thursday, January 16, 2020 - 6:30pm
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7611 Fay Ave La Jolla, CA 92037

CHILDREN OF THE SUN, Red Torch Theatre, Novosibirsk
Written during the abortive Russian Revolution of 1905, Maxim Gorky's brilliant darkly comic "Children of the Sun" depicts the new middle-class, foolish perhaps but likeable, as they
flounder, philosophize, and yearn for meaning, all while being totally blind to their impending annihilation. Multi-award-winning director Timofey Kulyabin's (Three Sisters, Onegin)
modernized production, set in 1999 at Stanford University, focuses on the interplay between the characters, the relationships formed and broken, sparring over culture and the cosmos, barely sensing that their own privileged world is in jeopardy. Directed for the screen by Kulyabin and filmed from his Red Torch Theatre in Novosibirsk, Russia.
Presented in Russian with English subtitles.
155 minutes (includes one 15 minute intermission)

Director – Timofey Kulyabin
Set Design – Oleg Golovko
Lighting Designer – Aleksandr Romanov
Dramaturgy – Olga Fedyanina
Pavel Fyodorovich Protasov – Pavel Polyakov
Lisa, his sister – Irina Krivonos
Elena Nikolaevna, his wife – Darya Emelyanova
Dmitriy Sergeyevich Vagin – Konstantin Telegin
Boris Nikolaevich Chepurnoy – Andrey Chernykh
Melaniya, his sister – Linda Akhmetzyanova
Fima, maid – Valeriya Kruchinina

In Russian

Театр «Красный факел» (Новосибирск, Россия)

В год 150-летия со дня рождения «Буревестника революции» Тимофей Кулябин поставил совсем неюбилейного (а кто бы сомневался?) Горького. Убрав из написанной в 1905 году пьесы «Дети солнца» социальную составляющую и тему враждебного неприятия народом интеллигенции, режиссер сфокусировался на взаимоотношениях главных действующих лиц, то есть интеллигентов... 

Red Torch Theatre

The Novosibirsk State Academic Drama Theatre «Red Torch» has one of the leading drama group and is well-known both in Russia and abroad. The theatre constantly goes on tours, takes part in Russian and international theatre festivals (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland, Greece, Romania and other countries). Russian premieres of plays, special art projects and international productions are performed on this stage. The theatre cooperates with both Russian and foreign masters and with young directors. Eight performances of the «Red Torch» theatre are the nominees of the National Theater Award «The Golden Mask»: the performance «Onegin» based on the novel by Aleksandr Pushkin is the winner of two awards, the cast of «Three Sisters» has the Drama and Puppet Theatre Jury`s Special Award for the «Best Acting Ensemble».

Experts in the field of performing arts say that this theatre troupe is one of the best in Russia. The «Red Torch» theatre creates a wide ranging and harmonious repertoire and includes Russian and foreign classical works as well as works by contemporary writers and author's performances. More